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Rosy Glow / Pink Lady®* Information Hub

Tree & Fruit Characteristics

Rosy Glow – a mutation of Cripps Pink selected by Harleigh Mason in Forest Range, South Australia.


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Newsletters & Articles

Pink Lady Newsletter | December 2023

Looking back on the past Pink Lady® season, we have a lot to be grateful for. As an industry we shipped more than 2,15 million cartons of Pink Lady® to the UK market, something we have never achieved before. Read more...


TopFruit Newsletter | August 2023

Like good red wine, TopFruit has matured over the years and now offers South African growers some of the best pome fruit, stone fruit, table grape, berry, kiwifruit, and nut varieties. TopFruit was established in 1983 and this year we proudly celebrate 40 years of innovation in the South African fruit industry. This momentous milestone marks TopFruit's commitment to innovation, excellence, building lifelong relationships, and reshaping the fruit industry landscape. read more...


TopFruit Newsletter | May 2022

We live in a crazy and wonderful world and sometimes bad news tends to overwhelm us. Just as Covid-19 seems to be under control, the conflict started in the Ukraine which has the potential to escalate further. It threw a spanner in the works in terms of international fruit and wheat markets. Having said that, life must carry on, crops must be planted, produced, sold, and consumed for the world to keep on turning. We must find joy in this...


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