Social Responsibility

At TopFruit we strive to understand and respect the cultural values and regulations wherever we operate. We actively support important initiatives in those communities where our employees live and work. This commitment is visible through our contributions to financial and volunteer support. Where feasible, we participate in programs that encourage our employees, by supporting initiatives that are important to them.


FUNDA CHILD was started in December 2005 by brothers Rob and Reyer Meihuizen. The project aims to provide affordable, quality education to deserving and disadvantaged learners. TopFruit has provided a helping hand to deserving children, empowering them to achieve according to their abilities, while striving to avoid a handout or entitlement mentality. 

Through education, they are making a difference in halting the poverty cycle within individual families. FUNDA CHILD aims to encourage reciprocal behaviour in the children by encouraging them to respond to similar educational needs once they are adults and have the financial means.

The Bee Effect

TopFruit is an official partner of The Bee Effect. Through this partnership, we teamed up with the Boland Trees for Bees Pledge Fund where we are planting trees and feeding bees. The Boland Trees for Bees program allows for an immediate and measurable effect, planting trees today means making a difference today. 

TopFruit proudly started sponsoring trees in 2021 which is being planted by Greenpop, a non-profit organisation that serves as the Forest Partner of the program. 

The Bee Effect is an award-winning Trust which is focused on education about honey bees, expanded haven projects for forage development and honey bee homing, as well as the continued drive to maintain awareness for the value that they play in the food security of the planet, not to mention the key role they play in supporting healthy biodiversity corridors

They take action in all aspects of honey bee preservation, from reforestation for quality forage to providing bee nutrition that is necessary to ensure that we move through the current crisis in both forage and honey bee health.

TopFruit is honoured to be part of the collective hive and looks forward to working with The Bee Effect and all the partners in the future.

Feeding Scheme

TopFruit provides staff and unemployed people in the informal settlement bordering on their property lunch whenever possible. During the cold winter months, it is a much-welcomed warm meal for everyone.