Vine Orders

TopFruit works in close co-operation with our preferred nurseries which supply our managed varieties. TopFruit’s international alliances and links to plant breeders provide unique opportunities to grow protected varieties bred and discovered from all the major fruit regions in the world.

Please contact any of the below nurseries to place a vine order.

African Nurseries
With 45 years of experience in the nursery and grape industry, Andrew Teubes and Koos van der Merwe formed African Nurseries.  We offer an innovative approach to the challenges of the wine-, table- and raisin grape industries. Located on Heuwelfontein farm in the Sandveld, halfway between Hopefield and Velddrif, our nursery enjoys a strategic isolation far from other grape-growing areas. This geographical advantage reduces the risk of the spread of vectors of harmful viruses significantly. Additionally, the presence of nematodes is entirely excluded due to our underground water source from the West Coast Aquifer. Our fine sandy soil is uniquely suited for fostering the development of large and branched root systems—an aspect that sets us apart from other nurseries and is our pride and joy. Our nursery encompasses ample land, enabling us to cultivate the same field only once every four years.  In the long term, soil health is ensured by this rotational system. We are proud to provide plant material of all the leading breeding programmes to our table grape clients. We also offer an extensive range of wine and raisin grape varieties. Our product range includes normal dormant vines, one-year-old dormant potted vines, cartonnage, and Uber vines (Langbeenstokke). Moreover, African Nurseries is the sole nursery in South Africa that supplies tissue culture date palms.
+27 82 796 8848
Bosman Adama Nursery

The vine nursery nestles against the slopes of Groenberg, Wellington, in the Western Cape, where healthy vines flourish thanks to the clean mountain water from the Kromme River. The young plants are tended with expertise and precision to ensure the highest quality vines. Bosman Adama was born when Petrus Bosman senior sold his surplus vines for the first time in 1947. High-quality plant material was rare in those days, and it was his lifelong dream that every vine sold on his farm would have a respected pedigree. Today Bosman Adama is the largest vine nursery in Africa, with a broad spectrum of Vitis cultivars for the production of superior quality table, wine and raising grapes. The Bosman family has been practising the art of grafting vines and growing quality grapes since 1888, originally for use on their own wine farm.

+27 21 864 1705
Cornerstone Nursery

Cornerstone Nursery was established in 1999 as the first Nursery in South Africa to produce Kartonage Vines as well as dormant vines. The Nursery specializes in supplying grapevine plants to the Table Grape industry. Annually Cornerstone graft approximately 850 000 vine plants and supply about 330 000 plants to the industry. Over the years Cornerstone has also established its own Ramsey and R110 rootstock blocks thereby being able to control the quality of their plant material. Cornerstone nursery is also registered with the Deciduous Fruit Board and all plants are inspected and certified. Kingsway Soetendal Wellington

+27 21 864 1699
Duikerfontein Nursery

Duikerfontein Nursery started small in 2003, grafting only 450 000 vines. The nursery has grown since then and now produces more than 3 million+ vines. The growth is due to the quality of our vines, beautiful rootstocks, and well-calibrated end loads. We are isolated on the other side of Piketberg, located in the Sandveld, with few pests and plagues. The soils are well washed out with a rotation of between 5 to 6 years. Duikerfontein Nursery is a family farm and does all table, dry, and wine grapes. With our good soil and water, we also provide our own rootstocks. Growing vines is Duikerfontein Nursery's passion and love. Our service is our pride and we stand firm behind our product. We deliver our services to farmers nationwide. Come visit us and see for yourself.

+27 22 125 0604 / +27 82 320 5100
Elnie Vine Nursery

Elnie Vine Growers, situated on the farm Uitkyk in Wellington, has been grafting vines since 1972. The name derives from a combination of Elsabe and Niel. They started the business after which their son Jan Louw Du Plessis took over the Nursery in 2000. Only the best material is used to suite each client’s unique requirements. Elnie Nursery produces vines for the wine-, table- and drying grape industries. Vines are delivered and sold countrywide to wine Estates, individual farmers and large companies. Vines are also grafted and exported to countries beyond our borders. With 46 years of experience and a love for the industry, our Nursery's priority is to deliver quality vines, professional advice, and the best after-sale service and to have personal contact with our clientele.

+27 21 864 2482
Hexberg Nursery

Hexberg Nursery is a fourth-generation family-owned nursery that was founded in 1924. We have a long-standing relationship with many producers in the wine, table, and raisin grape industry. We focus on producing top-quality, premium vines coupled with excellent after-sales and technical services to producers. All of our vines are produced in compliance with the Vine Improvement Association standards and regulations. We also plant and manage most of our own mother and foundation blocks to ensure that we use the best plant material available for the propagation of our nursery vines.

+27 21 873 3059
Voor-Groenberg Nursery

Voor-Groenberg Nurseries started as a group of four family businesses and have grown into one business over 75 years to one of South Africa's leading nurseries in grafted wine, table, and raisin grapes on most rootstock cultivars offered in South Africa. We are located near the town of Wellington in the Western Cape province of South Africa. Additional nursery facilities are now also being established outside the Wellington area to meet the needs of foundation material. Our experienced viticulturists also provide consulting services to clients for rootstock and cultivar selection, clone selection, as well as information on all our plant material that has undergone virus testing. More than 3 million grafted wine, table, and raisin grape vines are produced and supplied to more than 1,500 leading customers. In collaboration with other PIOs in our industry, phytosanitary maintenance services are provided to various breeding programs from abroad. This enables us to provide our customers with the best cultivar clones the world has to offer. Plant material is obtained from various countries like France, Italy, the USA, Argentina, Australia, and Israel, including other Eastern Europe and European countries as well as South Africa. Our sister company, VG Nurseries International, serves international clients worldwide, including countries in North and South America, Africa, the Middle East, and the Far East. Internationally gained experience provides excellent opportunities to evaluate the latest clone selection and cultivar development, thereby meeting the growing demand for improved quality and production levels.

+27 21 864 1018